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3/20/2016 spring specials;
1. Fourteen to sixteen foot Norway Spruce or Canadian Hemlock at 375$each plus freight of 2800 to Long Island$, 16-20 on a truck depending on the size rootball  (44" or 48").
2. 14-16' Green Giants from Alabama, #1 quality @ 600$each plus 3500$freight to Long Island ,we get 15 on a trailer in 48" rootball.

3. We have excellent 14-16' Leyland Cypress , with 30 on a trailer using a 45" Optimal tree spade from GA @ 3500$freight to Long Island and 425$each tree prices.

4. Only Nine remain tagged #2 grade Green Giants 18-20' tall, 600 each plus 2800$freight to Long Island. They look great , most have slight blemish low and one just one side.
5. Seventy  trees make a load of naylors blue cypress/murray cypress/leylands 9-10' tall, 140$each plus 2800$freight to Long Island

. We are a wholesale tree nursery with locations in NC, VA, and a partner location near Atlanta, GA. Our primary customer base is in NY, especially Long Island, Hamptons, CT, NJ, MA, RI, PA and VA. At Watterson Tree Farm, we have privacy trees like the Thuja Green Giant, the Yoshino Cryptomeria, the Magnolia, and Leyland Cypress trees for sale. Every tree at our tree farm acts as a good screen tree; Hollies are also good screen privacy trees for shady areas.

Wholesale trees, $2,500min order.

email us at leylandgd@yahoo.com
or call David Watterson at 240-498-8054 before 8 am or after 6 pm

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The pictured below are of seven foot Thuja Green Giants that we planted on a customer’s site.

Cryptomeria japonica


‘Yoshino’ Japanese-Cedar


03/14/2015 update - Let us co-ordinate your  privacy tree orders by contacting us soon. We already have orders firming up for spring on Long Island especially the Hamptons. Let us help you with spacing desisions, advice about shady areas, etc so we have your firm order for Yoshino Cryptomeria in time for early April delivery.

The Yoshino Cryptomeria, known by its botanical name Cryptomeria japonica, are well known privacy trees that have been used for years as an alternative to the Leyland Cypress by people that require a dense evergreen screen in their landscape design. Since the grow rate is relatively quick compared to other types of privacy trees, the Yoshino Cryptomeria has become a very popular type of tree for commercial and residential use.

The tree is known as the “Sugi” in Japan, and it is most commonly referred to as a Japanese Cedar, though the tree is actually a specific genus of conifer and is not a true cedar. The Yoshino Cryptomeria is the national tree of Japan, and can be found around temples and shrines in the area. Although some look towards the tree as a symbolic gesture, their history as privacy trees give credence to the claim that they are used to separate areas of high respect in order to section them apart from the rest of the world.

Yoshino Cryptomeria typically reaches a height of thirty feet, with a width of six feet or more. The tree is a versatile grower capable of flourishing in the sun or in the shade, and it has been known to take to clay or even sandy soils. The Yoshino Cryptomeria’s ideal environment is in a moist, rich soil, but its adaptability is what sets it apart from other privacy trees available on the market.

Above is a picture of our 14' Yoshino Cryptomeria; they will usually have a 15-16' tip. Notice how our Yoshino Cryptomeria are spaced far apart in a field which grows a full wide tree. This evergreen has an open pyramidal shape with dense, short, light green to blue/green, fragrant needles. Trees reach 30 to 40 feet in height by 15 to 20 feet in width, and develop a somewhat oval canopy with age. The short needles may take on a slight bronze hue in winter but will quickly return to green in springtime. The foliage of this cultivar discolors in winter far less than some other varieties.

Scientific name: Cryptomeria japonica ‘Yoshino’


 krip-toe-MEER-ee-uh juh-PAWN-ih-kuh

 Common name(s):

 ‘Yoshino’ Japanese-Cedar




USDA hardiness zones:



6 through 8 

This tree is currently very popular, just like Thuja Green Giants became in such high demand and were expensive in the beginning, wholesale tree nureries are just now getting caught up with demand for Yoshino Cryptomeria now, so they are down to reasonably priced. One difference with these, Yoshino Cryptomeria trees as privacy trees can be spaced a little wider than Leyland Cypress or Thuja Green Giant. First determine the target height of your privacy screen at maturity. An example would be 21' height target height, then divide that by 3 to arrive at spacing, which would be 7' on center. These trees grow a little wider than Leylands or Green Giants. All other planting advice is the same as Leyland Cypress ot Thuja Green Giants, stake these securely and use only slow release fertilizer.

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