Norway Spruce, Pices Abies

Pices Abies, Norway Spruce

Norway Spruce, Pices Abies

Norway Spruce, 10-12', based on caliper, they required 40 inch root-ball, we got 35 on a tractor trailer, they weighed 1350 lbs each. I know, I followed our trucker to the scales, we subtracted out his empty weight, and divided by 35. We weighed 79,600 lbs, 80k is max.

Norway Spruce, an evergreen conifer, much of the United States and Canada is the most common spruce. It is found as a privacy screen and windbreak.

Norway Spruce can reach 80 feet in height by 40 feet in spread with its medium growth rate. It makes one of the best privacy screens, especially in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey.

Norway Spruce have a strong central leader, which provides strength during ice loads. As a member of the Pine Family, it is related to other Spruces, as well as the Firs, Larches, Pines, and Hemlocks.

Planting Requirements - Norway Spruce prefers moist but well-drained, acidic soils that may be organic, sandy, or loamy. However, it will adapt to harsh conditions, including poor, clay, rocky, dry soils of acidic, neutral, or alkaline pH. It does not take kindly to "wet feet" so do not plant in wet soils, where they will die. It grows in full sun to partial sun in zones 3 to 7.