Norway Spruce

These trees have strong central leaders and can bear the snow load in colder locations.

Thuja Green Giant

Due to rapid growth and deer resistance, this is the most popular privacy screen tree on the east coast. Most nurseries are sold out of these completely, we have some fifteen foot available at our Staunton VA location for fall 2016  shipment. Thuja Green Giants -  full load of 8' is qty 100, and weighing 450 lbs each. The "full load" discount price is 110$ each, or 11,000 plus freight.

Let David Watterson help you select the best privacy screen trees for your planting site. Most of our customers are in NJ, CT, NY, RI, MA and especially Long Island. Please tell us about how much shade you have, the slope of your property, etc and what your goals are. Privacy trees along a road might be different than between two houses. This website has focus on our trees from western NC, for hardiness zones 6 and colder. We have links below to our other site with complete info on Leyland Cypress, Yoshino Cryptomeria and specimen trees.  SCROLL DOWN TO SEE MORE!

Yoshino Cryptomeria

This is a great privacy tree for zones 6 through 9, and is like Thuja Green Giant in deer resistance qualities.

Thuja Occidentalis

We handle two varieties, Techny and Dark (Nigra) arborvitae. Both make excellent privacy screens. 

Canadian Hemlock

This is the best privacy tree for zones 3 through 6 and shady applications. 

  Leyland Cypress

Leyland Cypress have been the popular privacy tree on the east coast due to rapid growth. Homeowners have sometimes been unhappy with Leyland Cypress mostly due to spacing them too closely. Leyland Cypress-  full load of 10' is qty 100, and weighing 450 lbs each. The "full load" discount price is 110$ each, or 11,000$ plus freight.